How To Delete Crypto Com Account

How To Delete Crypto Com Account is a trading and investment platform that allows you to trade in cryptocurrencies as well as providing a wide range of other services such as investment and e-wallets. 

While many crypto traders use it does have its downsides, and one of the most prevalent is their lack of customer service, which has left many users very frustrated and unhappy.

You can see this reflected in the site’s ratings and reviews. 

Plus, is probably one of the most difficult digital trading platforms to delete your account on. But in our article, I’ll break down the termination process step-by-step.

Deleting Your Account Step-By-Step

Step 1: Take Out Your Money

Before you close your account, make sure to remove your money from your account. Before you move on to the next step, wait until the withdrawal of your funds has been properly processed. 

Step 2: Get In Touch With

Once you have decided to delete your account, you will have to contact via email at, using the email address that is registered to your account. 

Step 3: Composing The Email

Put ‘Close Account’ into the subject line, being careful not to add anything else to the subject line. This helps the algorithm to recognize the intention of your email and act promptly. 

Step 4: Attach Relevant Information

This step is for security purposes and to verify your identity, so can make sure that you, the account holder, is making the decision to delete your account and that it hasn’t been compromised. 

You need to attach a photo to the email where you’re holding a piece of paper with the following information written on it:

  • The name that you used to register your account.
  • The date you’re sending the email. 

Your face must be visible in the photo, and for extra security, it should be handwritten rather than typed. Also, write as legibly as possible so the information is clear.

Step 5: Confirm You Want To Delete Your Account

You should soon receive an email confirming that your account has been deleted.

In this email, there will also be information that is legally allowed to hold about you, and this information can be found in their terms of service. 

The Pros & Cons Of

While there are undoubtedly issues with (which I’ll get into later), there are also advantages to using the service too. Let’s take a look at some of them: 

Supports A Wide Range Of Currencies

You will find an exhaustive list of the varieties of cryptocurrencies that are supported by The figure currently stands at over 100 and is set to keep on growing! 

Wide Range Of Services On Offer

How To Delete Crypto Com Account

While similar platforms let you just buy and sell cryptocurrency, has set itself apart by offering services that plug gaps in the market.

Drawing Charges And Interest Charges Are Affordable

Another thing that gives the edge over other platforms is the affordable charges they put on investments, and it’s their competitive charges that have let them achieve a big market share.

Now that we’ve taken a look at what makes great, let’s take a look at what lets them down.

Lacking Customer Service’s customer service leaves a lot to be desired. Customers have reported delays in responses to their queries, and the responses being lackluster when they finally do receive them. 

Deleting Your Account Is Difficult

Deleting your account isn’t easy, as there are a few hoops you have to jump through, and there is no simple or direct way to delete it. Many customers find the steps you have to take tedious and frustrating. 

The Limits Of

Limits based on trading are biased and differentiated according to levels, and there are nine levels with a graduating scale. 

These levels put restrictions on the tradable volumes of the platform over a 30-day period. Level 1 is the lowest tier which restricts trading to $25,000 maximum.

Meanwhile level 9 is the highest tier for those who trade above $2,000,000. The interest spread will also differ depending on the trading volume.

How Do You Cancel Crypto.Com’s Visa Card Service?

How To Delete Crypto Com Account (1)

There may be a few reasons why you would like to cancel your visa card on

For instance, you’ve lost your card, it’s been stolen, or your account has been hacked. You can cancel your visa card in three steps. 

Go To The App Card Page

Tap the card icon on your Android or IOS device. You will find this icon in the top right corner of your screen.

Freeze Your Visa Card

Below the green visa card icon, you will see an option to freeze and ‘view pin.’ Select ‘freeze’ and confirm you want to freeze your card.

Wait For Confirmation

You should receive a notification via email or text that your card has been frozen and is no longer linked to your account on 

Do Charge You For Transfers On Your Visa Card Accounts?

If you would like to move all your funds to an account, will issue a base charge which is normally $50. This charge covers the transferring process.

However, you can avoid this charge by spending all the funds on the card.

Final Thoughts

While is popular due to the affordable investment and withdrawal fees, and the wide range of services they offer and the cryptocurrencies they let you trade in.

However, has more issues than most other trading platforms, which has garnered as much criticism as it has praise. 

A major criticism levied at is how difficult it is to delete your account, but I hope my article has cleared up the process for you.