How To Sell On

How To Sell On

So, you’ve some coins on, and you’re looking to sell. Cryptocurrency is already a weird one to get your head around, but in this article we’ll make it easy for you to understand exactly how to sell on

So that you can sell anything you’d like from with the peace of mind that you’re doing the right thing.

So without any further delay let’s get started on how you can sell using

What Is is a cryptocurrency exchange company based in Singapore. As of 2022, the company has 50 million customers and 4,000 employees.

Initially founded by Bobby Bao, Gary Or, Kris Marszalek, and Rafael Melo in 2016, remains one of the largest cryptocurrency trading networks in the world. So selling is something that’s really important to know how to do.

How To Sell On

Luckily, selling on couldn’t be easier with their simple user interface. In order to start selling on Crypto though, you’ll need to create a start level account or higher in order to be allowed to sell.

The decentralized exchange requires you to enter your personal details before each transaction in order to add another layer of security to the service.  

Sellers can select one of 2 pricing models when they list an NFT collectible for sale:

Fixed Price Model

  • The seller sets a fixed price for the item.
  • The buyer purchases the item at its fixed price.

Auction Model

  • The seller puts an item up for auction by inputting the end date and minimum bid amount.
  • The buyer places a bid, which has to be higher than the previous highest bid by 5% or $10, whichever is higher. Please note the highest bidder cannot cancel his/her bid.
  • Sellers can choose to end the auction earlier by a) canceling the auction, and the current top bidder gets a refund or b) terminating the auction early, and the current top bidder wins the bid**. When the auction ends, the current top bidder wins the bid. If it ends without any bids, the item goes back to “Not for sale” status

Note that each edition can be a standalone auction, meaning that a collectible with 100 editions can at most have 100 separate auctions happening simultaneously

It’s also important to note that auctions cannot be canceled, or terminated early by sellers within 24 hours prior to the expiration time.

If you’re selling cryptocurrency instead, the process is a little more straightforward. You’ll have to get your account set up in the same way, and then:

  1. Firstly, go to and click on the ‘login’ option on the top right part of the desktop. 
  2. When you have entered your account log-in credentials, you’ll be able to use the exchange for trading.
  3. Next, navigate to the upper left corner of the screen and go to the “Markets” page.
  4. You should choose the market where the transaction will take place.
  5. Then, select your preferred transaction pair. Select the coin you wish to sell and pick the crypto you want to receive in return.
  6. Press the “Trade’’ button
  7. In the lower right part of the screen, tap the type of order you want to initiate.
  8. If you’re satisfied with the estimated value, press the red “Sell” button at the bottom of the window.

Selling Tokens On With An Iphone

How To Sell On

The iOS app has become increasingly popular among token enthusiasts because of its ease of use, and comes with a completely free 30 days period where there’s absolutely 0 transaction fees.

The user-friendly app design takes the hassle out of selling virtual currency. To sell tokens through the iPhone app, simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into your account on the ios app.
  2. Once you’re signed in, go to your account’s ‘’balance’’ 
  3. Press the ‘’trade’’ button
  4. Once there select the ‘’sell’’ option 
  5. Next, select the currency that you want to sell.
  6. Select the ‘’crypto wallet to initiate the transaction.
  7. You’ll need to enter the number of tokens that you’ll be using in the transaction on the confirmation page.
  8. Once you’re happy with the number of tokens used, tap the blue ‘’confirm’’ button at the bottom of the interface that pops up. 

The funds will be stored in your Crypto Wallet similarly to the other versions of which is excellent if you intend to use them to do more online trading. 

If you’re using an android instead, then follow these steps instead:

  1. Navigate to your account “Balance.”
  2. Select “Trade” and press “Sell.”
  3. Choose the currency you want to sell.
  4. Press “Crypto Wallet.”
  5. Adjust the currency amount you’re going to sell.
  6. Hit the “Confirm” button.

After You’ve Sold

Remember that once you’ve sold whatever it is that you’re selling, the correct payment will be deposited directly into your account.

You can use this to continue buying whatever you like and selling, or you can withdraw this directly from your account into a bank account, or into different types of currency of your choosing.

It’s important to remember though that unless you’re on a free trial, transaction fees will be charged to your account, so limiting your sales can prove to be cost effective.

Final Thoughts

Overall, whilst it might seem complex to sell on, it’s actually fairly easy, and once you follow these simple steps, you’ll easily be able to sell whatever you like using

We hope this list has been helpful, so get out there and get selling now!