Best Barndominium Kits

There are several options for barndominiums in the market, and finding one that suits your preferences can sometimes be overwhelming. That is why we took the pain to research the best barndominium kits that are cost-effective. 

After much research, we compiled this top list of companies with the best barndominium kits. Continue reading to find out which one is the best fit for you.

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The Top List of Barndominiums

  • General Steel
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Tri-County 
  • DC Builders
  • Worldwide Steel

1. General Steel

General Steel

Our first pick is General Steel, a company that offers a wide range of kits and barndominium floor plans. General steel kits have primary and secondary framing, roof sheeting, and wall. The only thing you need is an established foundation and anchor bolts. 

The company offers four barndominium plans, from the smallest to the largest. The first is the economical 30×40 barndominium kit that includes a functional overhang you can use as a carport or workspace. It is suitable if you are looking for two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The second is a 40 x 60 kit with a spacious garage that can fit two cars. As seen in this kit, the main floor has a unique aesthetic that allows natural light in the garage.

Next is the 40 x 75 kit, which you can customize to include a dining area, living area, mudrooms, and a walk-in closet. The 60 x 60 kit has a classic barn style and is the perfect space for separate living and working areas. In addition, their standard 60 x 70 kit is a great choice if you need a large walk-in closet, master bedroom, and large shop area. You can also have a laundry room and a covered porch.

The company can also develop a custom-size kit according to your floor plan size, local climate, and land expanse. In addition, when you buy barndominium plans or kits from General Steel, the company assigns a project coordinator for free to oversee the project from start to finish. The company publishes barndominium pictures on its website so you can view them to make your choice.  



2. Heritage Buildings

Heritage Buildings

Heritage Buildings is a major manufacturer of metal buildings, and they have shipped over 38,000 barndominium kits to clients worldwide. They also have a stellar list of metal specialists advising on metal buildings and barndominium floor plans. 

Heritage Buildings offer potential customers three barndominium kits. The kits available are called modern farmhouse, rustic cottage, and Austin. Each floor plan in these kits is distinct from the others, and the price will differ based on the square foot size. Barndominium floor plans vary in size, and Heritage has a specialized skill set to sketch unique house plans for each client.

While Heritage Buildings offers various barndominium floor plans and kits, they are only partially focused on one type of barndominium design. The company also works with individuals and organizations who want a commercial barndominium kit. From the metal roof to vaulted ceilings to board and batten siding, Heritage has it all.

If you are looking for a barn-style kit, then this is a very good place to start. Also, you can customize kits to suit your preferences. The customization is not limited to the main floor; you can add a great room to the house plan. Additionally, if you are conflicted on barndominium floor plans, you can ask to speak with a specialist. 



3. Tri-County Builders

Tri-County Builders

From drawing barndominium floor plans to electrical fittings, Tri-County gives you the perfect kits and floor for your barndominium. Apart from their house plans, their kits are unique regarding square feet, living space, style, and design process. 

Each of these kits has a unique floor plan to house all its features. The kit you choose determines if you have enough space for features like a family room, a full bath, a master bedroom, or a large storage space. However, you can request a kit for two bedrooms, a dining area, or other features.

Before you choose a kit, ensure to visualize the barndominium design to know the one that fits your style. The good news is that barndominium floor plans are not restrictive. You can tweak the design if you want. The brand design you want will also influence the square foot size of the main floor and the overall living space.

Apart from buying kits, we recommend getting a customized floor plan from Tri-county. This is because the company is very innovative in space management. So, if you need a floor plan with a multipurpose layout, their barndominium floor plans will be a great start. Also, the company does not add an extra cost if you include a shop area or porch in your floor plan. In addition, all the building materials in the Tri-County Builders kit are very durable. 



4. DC Builders

 DC Builders

DC Builders offers very affordable barndominium kits. These kits include exterior doors, sliding, large windows, connection supplies, and structural materials.

DC Builders is a great fit for people who prefer the traditional wooden barndominium instead of the regular metal or steel. Also, they offer a unique option different from the regular barn-style buildings. So, if you want a cabin style rather than a barn-style barndominium, you can choose one of their kits.

Also, most of their kits are customized to give you features based on the desired use of the building. If you want, you can customize the kits to have a dining area, shared bathroom, and two bedrooms. Some custom features that you can find in DC’s kits are upgraded ceilings, a wooden staircase, and Cedar and Pine decks, amongst others. You can also upgrade your vaulted ceiling according to your budget and preferences. 

To purchase a barndominium, visit their website, browse through their catalog, and choose a kit. Another benefit of buying a kit here is getting one of the toughest wooden barndominiums. This is because the main material used in their wooden buildings is Douglas Fir, a very high-quality and tough wood.

You can contact DC Builders for structurally sound materials if you already have a floor plan and a building design. Additionally, if you need clarification about what you want your house plan to look like, you can ask for house plans to draw inspiration.



5. Worldwide Steel

 Worldwide Steel

The last company on our list that offers premium barndominium kits is Worldwide steel, with headquarters in Missouri. As the name implies, Worldwide steel is a top manufacturer of steel barndominium kits. If you have a house plan requiring pure steel, this is the perfect place to get one. All kits on the site come with a floor plan that is very flexible and customized to the customer’s tastes.

Another benefit of using kits from Worldwide steel is that you can substitute materials in the kit for the ones you prefer. The kit is not limited in square feet, so you can add floors to make a great room for giving space to install a full bath. You can also expand the porches and overhangs to suit your preferences or add another floor apart from the main floor. Customizing the first floor and increasing the square foot in the barndominium is an option. You can also fit the building with overhead doors and energy-efficient windows.

Worldwide Steel delivers buildings to customers in-person across all states in the United States. They also provide a building expert to oversee the construction of the building. Before the company ships out any of its products, they undergo quality testing to ensure quality assurance of the materials. 

The materials in the kit include exterior coverings, closures, trim, fasteners, and stamped building plans. It also contains primary and secondary framing and a manual for those who prefer the DIY style. Also, the manual will help local builders if you want to contract them for the job. 



Buying Guide for the Best Barndominium Kits

The market is saturated with many companies selling barndominium kits, but how do you choose the perfect kit? This guide shows you some factors to consider when choosing the best barndominium kit.

Your Needs

The first thing to consider when opting for a specific kit is your needs, preferences, and the overall purpose of the building. Is it purely residential? Is it for commercial purposes? How do I want the main floor to look? Will house plans be a better option for me?

Carefully consider these questions before you go ahead to purchase. That way, you won’t be overwhelmed by the options you see. Instead, you make your choice from a place of certainty and conviction.

Company Reputation

Before buying a kit from a company, research its services to know if they are trustworthy. One way to do this is to read third-party reviews that detail their experiences with the company. Also, buy your kit from a company that manufactures durable materials. Go for kits with quality assurance testing and extended warranty.

Cost Efficiency

Just like a barndominium floor plan, each barndominium kit has distinct features. Ensure that you buy kits whose prices represent the value of the materials you receive. One way to do this is to pay attention to the square foot measurement. Another way is to examine the type of materials in the kit. Is it wood, steel, or metal? Will you be assigned a building expert?

Kit Flexibility

We recommend you buy kits that are flexible and can be customized to suit your preferences. Most of the companies in our list offer kits where you can exclude some materials or swap them. The flexible nature of these kits allows you to request extra features such as a master bedroom, a walk-in closet, a family room, a laundry room, and even a covered patio.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some cases, steel barndominiums will rust. 

Most steel supports used to build a barndominium frame are protected against corrosion. The coating shields the metal from severe conditions. However, the metal may become wet due to surface damage, making rust a possible effect. Keep an eye on your property and address any damage you notice right once to reduce the risk.

Yes, they do. Building one often takes half as long as building a regular house. Also, with the cost per square foot, you could save money on labor costs.

Yes, barndominiums are safe in storms, even more than a regular house. The steel and metal build protects it from harsh weather conditions.

Typically, it takes between three to six months to build a barndominium. However, it can vary depending on its customization and size.

Final Thoughts

A kit is the best option if you don’t want to build from scratch using a barndominium floor plan. Choosing the best barndominium kit should not be stressful when you’ve got the right knowledge to go about it. The companies on our top best list offer custom kits to suit your budget and preferences. Whether commercial or residential, wooden or steel, there is a barndominium kit for you!

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