How Much Is 200 Acres Of Land Worth?

How Much Is 200 Acres Of Land Worth?

Should you be lucky enough to consider purchasing a 200-acre plot of land then there are several options and possibilities. Try to work out which state you want the plot to be in as the price will differ.

It is such a big area to deal with that it is worth getting your bearings of just how big it is. Finally, work out what you want to do with the plot of land as a home can be built, and then there is so much more space to work with.

In this guide, we will look at how much is 200 acres of land worth, how the cost differs by state, how big the plot of land is, and how it can be used.

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How Much Is 200 Acres Of Land Worth?

Finding a plot of 200 acres of land can be quite difficult, even in some states where vacant land stretches out as far as the eye can see. In the state of Georgia, a 200-acre plot of land in Jones County has a price of $1,200,000 and comes with water features and wildlife.

While in Louisiana, that same size can cost only $695,000 and still provide a convenient hunting tract, as is the case in Kansas, yet it will set you back $975,000.

Several factors can go into valuing a plot of land including how close it is to a major city, how workable the land is, and how much of it is taken up by a water feature. The land value is typically determined by real estate appraisals which are done by third parties.

The state is also important as others are more attractive due to their low taxes, employment opportunities, and affordable housing.

Rural land can provide a good opportunity for development yet has grown in popularity, as seen in the state of Texas where land sales volume increased by 33.17%.

How The Cost Of An Acre Differs State By State?

The cost of a single acre of land can fluctuate based on its exact location and its intended use. That cost can vary greatly depending on the state, by as much as tenfold so it is worth bearing in mind which state you want to buy the land from.

The state that has the most expensive land is currently New Jersey with an average cost of a single acre being $196,410.

Land in the northeast tends to be more expensive and you can also expect high prices per acre in the states of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maryland. At the other end of the scale, if you want cheaper land then you should head west.

The cheapest land per state can be found in Wyoming as one acre should cost just $1,558 on average which is a big difference. The states of New Mexico, Nevada, South Dakota, and Montana form the top five of the cheapest US states to buy land.

How Big A Plot 200 Acres Is?

Actually visualizing a 200-acre plot of land may prove difficult unless you put it to scale. A single acre is around 43,560 square feet so 200 acres equates to 8,712,000 square feet which is a lot of land.

If you have ever visited SeaWorld in San Diego, consider that every part of that theme park can fit into 200 acres of land. If you are yet to visit SeaWorld in San Diego then Grand Central Station in New York City may be a better comparison.

Though the train station features ample dining and shopping facilities, it is just 48 acres in size so a 200-acre plot should fit four Grand Central Stations.

Then again, you could compare the size of the White House and you could fit 13 of them into 200 acres, or for a more typical estimation just over 48 Walmart Supercenters could fit into 200 acres.

How A 200 Acre Plot Can Be Used?

A 200-acre plot can have multiple uses yet that is the size of a plot of land that has been bought for a possible stadium site.

In Prince William County, about 20 miles outside Washington D.C., the Washington Commanders have paid around $100m for a plot just that size.

The land is situated in Woodbridge, Virginia, and could eventually house the team’s new home in a 60,000-seater domed stadium. At $100m, that works out at $500,000 per acre

Final Thoughts

There are so many possibilities with a plot of land that is sized 200 acres. As you can fit an entire SeaWorld in there, you could build your own theme park.

You could build your own property and work the land as you see fit, perhaps as a farm or even as a housing community. Once you have built your dream home, you could make a profit off the agricultural properties of the farmland.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should It Take To Walk Across A 200-Acre Site?

Let’s say you have a nice 200-acre plot of land. That’s roughly around 3,000 feet per side and with four of them, you can expect to walk 12,000 feet to take in the whole perimeter.

That’s around 2.23 miles and if you walk at a gentle pace of 3 miles an hour then you can expect to walk the entire perimeter of the plot in around 42 minutes.

Is It True That Land Will Always Increase In Value?

There is only ever so much land so it will appreciate in value due to how limited it is in supply. Also, as the global population increases, the demand for land increases with it. Those factors help drive up the price of land over time so it should always rise in value.

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