How To Sell On

How To Sell On

Any trader on cryptocurrency should be relatively familiar with the process of buying but should also know how to sell. A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges should be judged on how simple their platforms are to use.

Thankfully, the exchange is one of the most uncomplicated exchanges for buying and selling. Not only are there in-app and desktop selling options but users can easily keep up with those changing market trends as they shift.

In this guide, we will look at how to sell on, including selling from your desktop computer, the iOS app, and the Android app. We will also look at making a withdrawal from the wallet.

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Selling On A Desktop Computer

Many cryptocurrency users still use a desktop computer and the Exchange is easy to use.

To start, set up an account at Starter level or higher as the decentralized exchange will need you to provide your personal information for security purposes prior to each transaction.

The selling of a token may be even easier if you have an Advanced-level account which is ideal if you are keen to expand your venture. With an Advanced account, you will not need to fill in your personal information before each sale.

  • Head to then log-in at the top right-hand corner of the application with your relevant details.
  • Once you have logged in, you can use the exchange to sell tokens, as well as buy them.
  • Go to the upper left-hand corner then click on ‘Markets’.
  • Decide on the market for your transaction then select the token you want to sell and the appropriate crypto currency you want to receive it in.
  • When you are ready to finalize the transaction, press the button that says ‘Trade’.
  • At the lower right-hand corner of the desktop, click on your desired type of order (in this case a sale).
  • Once you are content with the value, click on the ‘sell’ button which should be towards the bottom of the application.

Selling Tokens On The iOS App

If you have the iOS app, you can easily sell a token on You can even benefit from a 30-day trial period with no transaction fees being applied. The app’s design makes it relatively straightforward at selling tokens.

Once the transaction is complete, those funds will be kept in your Crypto Wallet, ideal if you want to continue your online trading though you could deposit them in the card wallet for your visa card. 

  • Log into the iOS app and head to your account balance.
  • On the menu, select the ‘Trade’ button next to ‘Transfer’.
  • Once you have clicked on ‘Trade’, select the ‘Sell’ option and choose the currency you wish to sell.
  • A menu called ‘Sell Cryptocurrency’ should appear with your currencies listed below.
  • Pick ‘Crypto Wallet’ to arrange the transaction.
  • Decide on the amount of tokens you want to sell when you reach the ‘Confirmation’ page.
  • The amount should be highlighted and you can click ‘Confirm’. 

Selling Tokens On The Android App

For those Android users, selling tokens on the app should be easy too. It is relatively similar to using the iOS app and you can simply use a smartphone to sell tokens with the Crypto wallet.

  • Head to the ‘Balance’ button on your account’s homepage.
  • Pick the ‘Trade’ button and then click on ‘Sell’. 
  • Decide on the currency you wish to sell in the dropdown list.
  • Click on ‘Crypto Wallet’ and then change the value to the desired amount.
  • Click on the ‘Confirm’ button and this should move the currency.
How To Sell On

Withdrawing Cryptocurrency From The Wallet

You can also use the wallet to sell cryptocurrency too. This is ideal if you want to make trades, including selling, while on the move and away from a desktop computer. Just like the desktop application, you have to log in first but then it is relatively straightforward. 

  • Head to the ‘Wallets’ section on the left-hand side of the menu and then select ‘Spot Wallet’.
  • Press the ‘Spot’ button which will allow you to make a free withdrawal.
  • Change the amount to however much you want to transfer.
  • Select the ‘Review Withdrawal’ button to check the specific transaction information.
  • Fill in your ‘SMS OTP’ verification password.
  • Press on the ‘Confirm Withdrawal’ button to complete the transaction.

How To Sell On – Final Thoughts

When it comes to selling on a cryptocurrency platform, selling should be as straightforward as buying. The platform is no different and you can either use the desktop application, the iOS app, or the Android app.

You can choose the currency you wish to sell, the amount you wish to sell, and it should only take a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Preferable To Sell Your Cryptocurrency Or Hold Onto It?

Cryptocurrency should be taxed in the form of long-term gains if it is held for longer than 365 days. It is worth bearing in mind that long-term capital gains will have lower tax rates compared to short-term gains.

That’s because short-term gains are taxed as if they are ordinary income. Once you get close to the 365-day mark, decide on whether you want to sell your cryptocurrency right then or wait until it becomes considered long-term gains threshold.  

What Is Known To Be The Difference Between The Buying And Selling Price On Crypto.Com?

Cryptocurrency prices are known to be volatile and it is worth considering the difference between the buying and the selling price on

When buying a coin with a market order, the order may be confirmed and executed at the ask price which is typically higher than the mark price.

If you are selling a coin with a market order, that order may well execute at that bid price which will be comparatively lower than the mark price.

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