is a barndominium cheaper than a house

Is a Barndominium Cheaper Than a House?

Barndominiums have become quite common among people who are seeking out houses. There are several reasons behind it. The most common cause is that barndominiums are cheaper than houses. They are also easier and quicker to build. 

The cost of barndominium construction is less than that of traditional house construction. 

This article will discuss everything you need to consider before opting for a barndominium or a conventional house; which one is more economical, whether you should build one or buy one, and what factors you need to keep in mind before building a home. 

We will compare the barndominium and the house in detail for you to easily decide.

What's Ahead...


If you need to get more familiar with a barndominium, let us briefly tell you about it. You must be familiar with barns and how they look. Barndominium is a hybrid of a barn and a house. It comes from the words ‘barn’ and ‘condominium.’ Its exterior is that of a barn, but from the inside, it has a modern house design. It can also give you versatility, such as a continuous roof.

Barndominium has a farm-like aesthetic to it. It is frequently more energy-efficient than a traditional house, resulting in lower utility costs, but it can be costly. Barndominium prices vary, like conventional homes, depending on location, size, and design.

Is a Barndominium Cheaper Than a House

Is a Barndominium Cheaper Than a Regular House?

Now that you have decided to get a house, choosing between a traditional home and a barndominium can be difficult. They both have their benefits, but if we talk about cost alone, the barndominium is more cost-effective. 

So if you are wondering about construction costs or  barndominium costs vs. house expenses, here are some stats for you:

Typically, the barndominium has 14-foot ceiling vaults. On the other hand, traditional homes are constructed of brick and wood. They typically only have ceiling heights of 8 to 9 feet. 

Another big difference between a house and a barndominium is that their exteriors are very different, but the inside depends totally on you. You can have the interior design of your barndominium be similar to that of a traditional house.

Building a Barndominium or House: Which One Is Cheaper?

Building a barndominium can be less expensive than building a house. The fact that barndominiums are typically constructed from metal buildings is a feature that makes them very adaptable. One of the reasons metal structures are so prevalent in commercial construction is that their construction typically costs less than that of traditional structures for a regular house.

If you already have a barn, you can construct the house of your dreams with open living space by renovating the interior and utilizing the framework that is already in place. You can also purchase an existing barn, renovate the interior with basic amenities, and turn it into a barndominium house. Because focusing renovation efforts on the interior of an existing barn and utilizing the foundation and walls that are already in place can easily result in savings of thousands of dollars. 

The cost comparison between a barndominium project and a traditional house project favors the barndominium when working with an existing, structurally sound building. If you are considering building a small traditional house, you will see little difference in cost. However, the difference is drastic when buying a sizable regular home. It is primarily because of the labor costs and the material used. 

Building a regular house requires more labor than a barndominium. Additionally, posts are frequently used in place of block footings to construct barndominiums, which are typically less expensive and built more quickly than traditional houses with wood frames. So it’s cheaper to build a barndominium than a regular house.

Is a Barndominium Cheaper Than a House

Buying Barndominium or House: Which One Is Cheaper?

If you don’t have a barn, you can buy a barndominium instead of building it from scratch or converting it from a barn. A barndominium costs around $100k-200k, while a traditional house is around $300k. There are many barndominiums available these days. 

Some of them come with just the pre-barndominium existing structure; after buying it, the customers can design the interior according to their liking. Some also come with an offer in which you buy barndominium kits. With a barndominium kit, you also get the material needed to finish the interior of a barndominium. 

All these options are cheaper than buying a traditional house. Similar to building a barndominium or a home, the cost of buying one depends on the size. If you are planning on purchasing a small regular house, its price will be close to that of a barndominium, but it will be costly if you are looking for a large one.

How Is Barndominium Cost-Effective?


Barndominiums are cost-effective because of the difference between a barndominium cost and a traditional house cost. A barndominium costs between $30 and $40 per square foot, while a traditional home costs between $100 and $250 per square foot. As can be seen, there are significant cost differences. The prices of labor, the building, and the money you save on energy make up this difference in the expenses while comparing costs. 


Barndominiums are also cost-effective because of their durability. The use of metal to build a barndominium allows for maximum durability. You can rely on it to last up to 60+ years and protect your space from harmful factors like water, wind, and heat.


Another benefit is that the barndominiums are energy-efficient because they are insulated. Thanks to the insulation and the choice of more energy-efficient options like spray foam insulation and specially insulated windows, barndominiums are relatively energy-efficient regarding air conditioning and heating. In turn, the building’s heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain a constant indoor temperature because less of your heat and cool will escape.

Low Maintenance

Traditional homes frequently use various materials that need maintenance every few years. Barndominiums typically have sturdy base frameworks and metal or steel structures, which means they require very low maintenance costs and typically last longer than traditional homes.


Barndominiums are a great option if you are looking for an option that is cheap, cost-effective, and quicker to build. You can design and customize them according to your liking. 

Due to this, many new homeowners have started opting for barndominiums instead of traditional houses. 

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