Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law: Who Is the Best Credit Repair Company?

When you choose a credit repair firm to help you restore your credit, things will start to get much simpler.

Selecting the appropriate company for the job is the first significant decision to achieve this goal. There are multiple credit repair companies for you to explore, including Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law.

Every firm that provides this type of service has its benefits and disadvantages.

It’s essentially a question of selecting the one with the positives essential to you, while the downsides don’t matter to you or have no influence.

You can’t go wrong with either Sky Blue or Lexington Law, as they’re both excellent options.

Read this comparison to find out how Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law rate in terms of their credit repair services.

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What Is Credit Repair?

Credit repair entails seeking the assistance of a third party to assist you in clearing destructive credit issues off reports.

The company charges a fee for this service but removing negative points from your credit record is worth the cost.

Credit repair companies are for-profit businesses that advertise their services to help consumers improve their credit scores.

Almost all the states and at the federal level confirm that credit repair is lawful, so you should take advantage of this service if possible.

Some credit repair businesses claim that their services will assist customers in erasing incorrect or unverifiable information from their credit reports.

On the other hand, many credit repair businesses merely attempt to remove unfavorable issues from credit reports before they fall away over time.

Maybe you want to bid on an important contract, and the requirements demand a clean credit report.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, you can pay for this service, which is where Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law can help.

How Do You Get Your Credit Repaired And How Much Does It Cost?

The procedure is straightforward. To get things started, you fill out an application that asks you what you’re searching for, as well as some personal and financial information.

Then, sky Blue and Lexington Law will provide instructions on how to receive your three-bureau credit report once you’ve paid the initial cost.

Once Sky Blue receives the report, an agent will contact you to go through it and point out areas where you may improve.

After you and the agent have decided on the sections to focus on, the credit repair company will set to work bargaining with your lenders.

The bargaining process entails:

  • Contesting things on your report.
  • Using any other legal instruments at its disposal to remove the negative entries from your credit report.
  • The agent will repeat the procedure until you are happy that all the objects favor the client report.

The price you’ll pay and how it’s computed will vary per firm, but they must adhere to a set of rules.

For example, credit repair firms cannot seek or accept money until they reach the claimed outcomes.

You may pay a one-time fixed charge or pay for each negative mark the firm removes on each of your reports, depending on the organization.

This may cost as little as around $35 per deletion and as much as about $750 or more.

Credit Repair Companies

A credit repair firm is a business that will help you improve your credit score at a cost.

Credit repair companies state that they will “do all the heavy lifting” of dealing with credit reporting bureaus. Don’t confuse credit repair and credit counseling companies because they differ!

Credit counseling is a free service provided by nonprofit financial education groups. They examine your finances, debt, and credit reports to teach you how to manage your money better.

On the other hand, credit repair companies do the “repair” work after your credit score falls into disarray. First, they help to restore your creditworthiness by cleaning your credit record.

The credit repair industry, according to the Federal Trade Commission, is full of cons. To prevent being a victim of fraud, thoroughly investigate any credit repair company before deciding to work with them.

Are Credit Repair Companies Legit?

Credit repair companies don’t always have the best history because there are many questionable services in the credit restoration sector.

The challenge lies in identifying legitimate and illegitimate credit repair companies.

There are criteria that every credit repair service must follow to be legitimate, according to the government’s Credit Repair Organization Act.

Your credit repair firm may be a scam if they don’t adhere to these guidelines:

  • Credit repair companies do not request money in advance without first performing the service. However, this does not apply to the first payment for the work to begin.
  • All agreements between you and the credit repair company must be writing. Don’t believe anything that is not official.
  • Every credit repair company should have a simple cancellation policy. Because of this regulation, most legitimate credit repair companies offer month-to-month contracts, which you can cancel at any time.

Avoid enterprises that appear to be too fantastic to be true. For example, if a firm claims to be able to accomplish any of the following, it’s a sure sign that they’re probably trying to scam you:

  • Remove any harmful material from your accurate reports.
  • Legallygenerate a new credit profile for you.
  • Ensure a better credit score.

Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law follows all these guidelines, meaning that they are legitimate credit repair firms.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) evaluates them as having an A+ score, which is the highest possible score for a credit repair company.

These companies have also been in the credit repair industry for nearly 30 years, making them among the most seasoned firms in the industry.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Company

Lexington Law, as its name suggests, is also a law firm. Lexington Law emerges as one of the most reputable credit repair firms.

Damaged your credit score? Call the experts – Lexington Law. This credit repair company believes that any damage to your credit records is fixable!

They come out as the leading experts in the industry for multiple reasons.

Over 400 professional staff are always on their toes, ready to assist each client with a personal touch.

Lexington Law, like its current competitor, will not force you to sign any binding contract. You are free to use their services as it suits you.

This type of agreement is a reasonable way to run a business, especially in an area as complex as credit repair. 

How can you trust them when they try to keep you around by offering contracts rather than results?

Lexington Law also gets points for not forcing contracts on consumers because they do more than just repair your credit record.

Stick around and learn more about Lexington Law, the pros, cons, success rate, and more!

Pros of Lexington Law

  • Provides credit coaching to improve credit habits.
  • For greater success, use all aspects of the legislation.
  • Known for resolving issues quickly and effectively.
  • You can use the app to keep track of every element of the service.

Cons of Lexington Law

  • Packages have become too costly.
  • There is no assurance of service or payment return policy.
  • Not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

History and Success Rate

Lexington Law is a credit repair business founded in 1991 and has successfully handled thousands of consumer requests. Its success is based on its rich history of excellent services.

Ever since its establishment, Lexington Law has focused on hiring professional lawyers to help their clients. This strategy has helped the company to gain the trust of many consumers.

Customer reviews also report obtaining assistance from the firm’s paralegals. These paralegals provide guidance and assist lawyers with various responsibilities such as legal research.

They are well-versed in federal and financial regulations and have a high success rate. For example, a typical client has 10.2 negative things deleted from their credit, which indicates their thoroughness.

When compared to the competition, this success rate is a confidence-booster.

Additionally, the firm’s strategy to go beyond offering credit repair services contributes to its success.

As a result, Lexington Law is an excellent choice for those wanting to enhance their credit scores.


Lexington Law, like other firms in this field, charges an upfront work fee. These fees change depending on the pricing plan that you select.

  • The Premier Plus plan costs in the region of $130 and comes with a setup charge of a similar price.
  • The Concord Premier plan costs around $110.
  • You will pay approximately $90 for the Concord Standard plan.
  • The setup costs for Concord Premier and Standard arearound $110 and $90, respectively.


Lexington Law’s efficiency is on point due to the expertise of their staff members, who are always ready to assist.

Guarantees and Cancelations

Unlike other firms in this sector, Lexington Law’s fees are apparent, with no hidden fees. However, the company does not offer a money-back guarantee.

This policy implies that you won’t receive a refund if your report has no errors or if the firm fails to correct them once they complete their work.

Customer Service

The Lexington Law Firm app is user-friendly and has a unique design. The firm provides new clients with a free consultation, which may be beneficial for those who wish to learn more about their financial history.

In addition, they include recommendations, a summary, and credit score checks in their free plan.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Company

Sky Blue is an impressive performer in terms of rapid, best-in-class customer service and comprehensive services.

They have been a vital participant in the credit repair and restoration industry for over 30 years. Sky Blue has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but it is not yet certified with the BBB.

Sky Blue prides itself on a comprehensive range of credit restoration services, world-class customer care, and a vast knowledge base.

This company’s credit repair evaluations, comprehensive price scheme, and prominent couples discount make it stand out from competitors.

As a result, this company is the ultimate choice for repairing your bad credit score. Its outstanding performance is a result of its pros, cons, and excellent features, which you can see below:

Sky Blue Pros

  • A strong educational foundation
  • Discounts for couples
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days
  • Encryption at the highest level
  • Model of pricing that is both affordable and transparent

Sky Blue Cons

  • There are only a few services available
  • Online management system with limited features

History and Success Rate

Sky Blue Credit was established in 1989, making it one of the earliest businesses in the industry.

They provide a proactive credit repair service to improve your credit score and share many similarities with other credit repair companies.

They keep a close eye on your credit record, look for mistakes and attempt to correct them. In addition, sky Blue communicates directly with creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf when dealing with credit repair.

They keep sending letters and challenging items until the creditor corrects the problem.

They also go the extra mile to educate their customers and provide them with helpful credit information.

Sky Blue is renowned for being a market leader. They create customer portals and internet technologies.

And they make the credit rehabilitation procedure easier for you. In addition, they are registered with the industry’s leading government authorities and organizations, which helps to ensure their ongoing success.


Sky Blue offers the most straightforward price scheme, with a monthly fee of about $80, which they charge six days after you request their services.

So there is no cost to join this company. They do not request payments in advance and the Sky Blue Essential and Extra credit repair services are free of charge.


Sky Blue operates at an incredible speed. Every 35 days, the firm will contest up to 15 queries (five per bureau).

Guarantees and Cancelations

If their services do not meet expectations within the 90-day contract term, you will receive a full refund.

Cancel at any moment with no more obligation, no extra fees, and no per diems. You can also cancel their services via message, email, or phone.

Customer Service

Since about 2018, there have been 11 consumer evaluations on the BBB website.

There were two one-star ratings and nine five-star reviews, which we found, and Sky Blue has resolved all credit repair concerns, demonstrating their readiness to work with customers.

This firm has a 4.8 ranking on ConsumerAffairs, built on 148 client reviews, which is further evidence of their excellent service.

What Can Credit Repair Companies Remove From Your Credit Report?

Many consumers strive to maintain a good credit score because credit reports significantly influence financial decisions.

For example, obtaining a loan from the bank or even winning a vital contract depends on your credit score.

Credit repair firms that are legitimate can assist you in removing incorrect information from your credit record.

They can’t, however, do something for you that you couldn’t do yourself–and for free.

Credit repair companies remove the following:

  • False inquiries
  • False debts and accounts
  • Accounts older than seven years
  • Bankruptcy and tax aliens

The answer seems obvious when it comes to which is better between Sky Blue vs. Lexington Law, but we leave it up to you to decide who to entrust with your credit repair work.


Is Lexington Law a Legit Business?

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