Can Credit Repair Remove Evictions?

Everyone should make sure to be an expert in their respective financial situations. The reason each individual should be an expert in their financial matters is because it creates a world of difference.

Those who pay attention to their finances will be aware of their financial status and can get a head start on managing it to the best of their ability. The sooner they can manage it, the better off that they will be over the long term. Only small incremental actions within their financial behaviors will make a significant difference over time.

Indeed, paying attention to that aspect of credit management is even more critical. It is so because we live in a world that relies on credit, and if your credit situation is not right, you can face quite a bit of difficulty.

It will pose problems obtaining jobs, apartments, houses, cars, and even insurance. Everyone that deals with you would like to know if you are responsible. If they find that you are responsible, that creates a host of issues.

That is why it is essential to ensure that your credit situation is healthy and up to par. But you might wonder how can I improve my credit situation? One answer is through credit repair companies.

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Credit repair companies and their overall value

Credit repair firms aid their customers in not one but many issues related to their credit reports, credit score, inquiries such as hard inquiries and soft inquiries, and evictions. Often customers tend to tackle the problems independently. Still, it is better to consult a credit repair to guide you through the process, answer credit repair questions and prevent further lawsuits and court issues.

To know if credit repair can remove evictions, we must answer one of the most frequent questions amongst credit repair questions: what is an eviction?

What is an eviction?

Eviction is one of the most popular credit repair questions for landowners, tenants, real estate business people and marketers. Eviction is a legal process; through eviction, any landlord can remove the tenant from a specific property the tenant is renting.

There are not one but numerous reasons for evictions to take place. One of the most common reasons for eviction is the non-punctual payment or failure to pay rent. In addition to this, as it is a legal process, the eviction must be legally recognized. 

Another question amongst credit repair questions encountered by many tenants, real estate owners, and landlords is about the reasons for eviction. 

Most common grounds for eviction include failure to pay rent, late or non-punctual payments of rent, more than the allowed number of people residing in residence, carrying out residential activities in a business property, any inappropriate behavior which disturbs the everyday life of other or neighboring tenants, damaging the property and also using the property for illegal business. 

Those mentioned above are the most common reasons for eviction. However, legal eviction can also be held if your landlord does not want the tenant to reside in the property. 

The effect of eviction on credit?

There is not one, but many things that affect your credit score, including late payments, inquiries, and eviction. One of the most important reasons for an eviction to hurt your credit score is that it tends to stay on your public record for seven consecutive years. 

In addition to this, evictions affect your credit score and decrease your ability to rent a property. This is because it brings negative marks on your credit score, giving it a destructive impact.

Often clients and tenants overlook that paying rents will not remove an eviction from the credit score. Tenants believe that this will save them. However, they miss the other side of the picture. 

If you fail to pay rent for any reason, your landlord can take you to court in this case. After the case, if placed in court, you are sued for unpaid rent. The landlord will ultimately win the case; hence, a civil judgment is issued against you. This civil judgment will have a drastic impression on your credit history as it will be displayed in your record for seven years. Moreover, it will not be removed even if you pay the payments. 

However, you can still rent having an eviction on your public record. For this, you should provide proof of income and stability. Indeed, you must show that you are financially stable and can pay the successful rent payments on time. In addition to this, work on your credit score and find ways to maintain and stay on top of your expenses and credit. This will solve many of your credit queries.

It will be challenging to develop trust if you have an eviction on your record. Hence, to establish trust, show willingness to pay security deposits, first month’s rent, and even second month’s rent to secure the confidence of the landowner. You can also refer your close ones or relatives to show that you are a trustworthy renter and have a transparent and safe background. 

Can credit repair remove evictions?

After understanding what an eviction is and how it works, another credit repair question is, can credit repair remove evictions? The answer to this question is quite simple, but the process is not easy but possible. 

If you are not aware of how eviction works and how it affects your credit score, you can consult a credit repair company. Although eviction does drastically impact your credit score, it can be removed. 

Here are ways through which you can remove eviction from your public record.

File a petition to the court.

As all the legal proceedings occur in court, it is better to opt for a legal method to remove eviction. Begin by filing a petition to release your credit report from the court in the same county where your case started or filed your claim. 


The tables can turn, and the case can indeed be in your favor if your landlord issued you an eviction notice without any legal proof or valid reason. Moreover, the judge can easily declare you innocent if it is proved that you did not break any law or break your lease.

Unviolated lease

To make the case in your favor, you have to prove that you did not violate the terms and conditions and didn’t break the lease. In addition, the more evidence you have, the easier it is to win and triumph. You can provide proofs such as photos and properly conditioned property that you left the place in satisfactory condition. 

Keep an eye on the process

Always keep an eye on the process your landlord follows for eviction. The process differs from state to state, but a specific protocol is still to be followed to file an eviction in every state, gathering evidence of the mistakes your landlord makes while filing a removal. This way, you can prove the landlord guilty and dismantle the case too. 

The answer to the question of can credit repair remove evictions, is yes, it is possible but it will take a bit of work and may not be applicable to every case. It is a bit easier to try and get closed accounts removed. If you have those on your credit report, try to tackle those first.

However, you should still keep up with the process firmly, as any mistake can lead to false judgments and accusations in court. In addition to this, always follow the guidelines of the credit repair company as they are the ones having the most experience and can also save you from hurting your credit report.

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